Reference Information

A reference is defined as a source of information. In regards to a tattoo this information is usually conveyed in both pictorial and written formats. From the client's perspective the reference is a tool to articulate all details of the piece to the artist, so both can be aligned artistically. These formats are desired above verbal, due to the point that they can be produced as required, rather than an attempt to recall a conversation, whereby interpretation and language may not always be clear. If a verbal description or information is provided, and in some cases may need to be; it should be noted for the same reason.

Once the reference/s and information have been provided the artist will identify texture, form, space, shape, colour, value and line elements from the subject matter. The artist will then compose a complete piece of art with unity, harmony, variety, balance, contrast, proportion and rhythm principals.

The following operations shall be observed in order to produce a quality tattoo to your specifications;

References provided;

In the form of; Hardcopy (Photo/Print/Photocopy), Email (JPEG/PNG), Message (JPEG/PNG), To the artist upon booking appointment, With a 2nd or maybe 3rd variation, Larger than the desired tattoo, In as high resolution as possible

References identify;

With name, Phone number, Appointment date and time, With any desired changes, With any desired colours, With any desired fonts, With ALL correct spelling and dates