Aftercare Information

Through the tattoo procedure the skin is penetrated with the sterile needle grouping coated with sterile ink. This action leaves the ink in the dermis layer of the skin, as a permanent image (Tattoo). This penetration of the skin is why the tattoo is treated as an “open wound”. When the wound is open to the atmosphere, it is at its most vulnerable to infection. The emphasis on both the sterile preparation and aftercare of a tattoo could not be more essential in preventing such infection. The fundamentals to the aftercare portion is preventing contamination and exposure to the atmosphere.

Before entering the tattoo studio;

ALL instruments, surfaces and furniture are cleaned, sterilised/stored to relevant regulations, ALL required personal protective equipment are utilised to relevant regulations, ALL hand washing procedures are performed to relevant regulations, ALL waste segregation and disposal procedures are applied to relevant regulations

Before leaving the studio the tattoo will be;

Cleaned from excess ink and blood with green-soap, Covered with petroleum jelly, Covered with clear film

After leaving the studio the tattoo;

May be uncovered of the clear film (after 2 Hrs.) ONLY with cleaned hands, MUST be washed (not submerged) with warm soapy water (2 – 3 times per/day), MUST be pat dried (not rubbed) with clean paper towel, MUST be covered with cream (3 – 4 times per/day), MUST NOT be exposed to excessive sunlight

Weeks after leaving the studio the tattoo;

May peel (if heavier than healing sunburn; more cream is required), May appear dull or scaly; Continue to cover with cream (1 – 2 times per/day), Can be retouched for any fallout, MUST be covered with Bio oil and sunscreen (to prevent sun damage/fade and maintain a vivid tattoo)